Mybkexperience Feedback Survey : Win A Free Whopper

Mybkexperience Feedback Survey : Win A Free Whopper

Who doesn’t like free burgers and drinks? We bet everyone does! The Burger King fans are always in luck whenever it comes to user-friendly offers and free meal coupon codes. The reason being the Burger King’s genuine offers and coupons for their customers, which they release from time to time every year.

The World’s second-largest hamburger chain and famous for its Whopper burger, Burger King prides itself on offering multiple types of coupons to ensure that the foodies keep coming back! That’s one reason why Burger King Outlets are the most crowded and garner millions of new fans every year. 

Are you ready to enjoy some discounted or free mouth-watering meals via Burger King Coupon Codes? Let’s delve into further details!

Burger King Survey Rewards:

Burger King never disappoints its fans and foodies! That’s one reason it always stands out in offering coupon codes and free meal deals to its customers. My Burger King Experience is one of them.

How Do You Get A Free Whopper At Burger King?

My BK Experience is a survey provided by Burger King’s official team to utilize your valuable feedback to improve customer service and taste. You can write your valuable opinions and get a FREE WHOPPER in return. How? Let’s find out.

Steps to complete My BK Experience Survey

Step 1: Make sure you have a valid recent receipt for your order at Burger King. Once you have your receipt handy, don’t hesitate to give your honest review.

Step 2: Go to My BK Experience, and there will be a pop-up asking for the restaurant number. Write down the restaurant number in the required place (as mentioned on the receipt) and then click next to continue.

Step 3: Enter the survey code as written on the top of the receipt. The survey will be opened.

Step 4: Write your honest remarks and when done, write down the validation code from the official Burger King Receipt to complete the survey.

Where Do You Enter The Burger King Code?

Many of you might find it challenging to enter the code. But as already mentioned, you need to visit the Official Burger King Survey website to complete the survey and win a FREE WHOPPER. Open my My BK Experience to enter the code.

Where Is The Survey Code On Burger King Receipt?

Burger King Survey Code is written in the center or bottom of receipt just above your Sub-Total. However, the survey code location might vary as per the region or area of Burger King Outlet. 

You can visit the My BK Experience website, where the process is explained in detail.

Your Genuine Feedback Is Just A Click Away

Eating your whopper is super easy now! So, what are you waiting for?

Click on the My BK Experience, and you’ll be redirected to the official website of My Bk Experience, where you can fill a survey with your genuine feedback and win a Free Whopper. Open the link and follow the instructions.

Note: All survey rewards and free coupon codes are subjected to be changed or altered by Burger King’s consent.

Burger King Coupon Codes:

1. Are you a new user? Burger King Coupon Code is waiting for you!

A mouth-watering and sizzling Whopper Sandwich w/ purchase $1+ is waiting for all the new registered app users. However, a purchase is required for the offer to be valid. Cannot visit the franchise? The code is good for the delivery as well. Redeem now!

Burger King Free Whopper Offer for one dollar

2. Satisfy your appetite with a Whopper Meal for $5 just!

Satisfy your hunger with 1 Whopper Sandwich, which comes with regular French Fries and a Small Soft Drink to complete the whole meal. Don’t wait! Get your coupon code now.  

3. Sweet Dish is a must- 2 Hershey’s Sundae Pies for $3.50:

Say hello to your desert once you’re eating the delicious whopper meal. These 2 Hershey’s Sundae Pies are only for $3.50, which you can redeem by signing in here!

4. Kids meal w/purchase $5 only!

Burger King is offering a free meal for kids with a purchase of $5 only. However, make sure to add the coupon code to the cart while checking out. The offer is valid for pickup only.

5. Are you two hungry? Get Chicken Sandwich for two for $4.99 only!

Burger King Fans would love this deal for $4.99, including two original chicken sandwiches with two small French Fries to satisfy the appetite. Get the coupon code now.

6. Croissan’wich is the New Sandwich- $5 for two!

Burger King’s special Croissan’wich is now at $5 for two only with two small Hash Browns and 2 Burger King Café Coffees. Do you want to feel some? Get the coupon code here.  

7. $1 for Large French Fries:

No one on Earth doesn’t crave fries. Get yours now for $1 only with this coupon code.