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One of the highlights of my Paris trip was a visit to Bonton. This three level concept store is a must-see, even if you don’t have children. The uber-chic boutique is impressive, housing their ready-to-wear clothing, decor, party supplies, toys, and even a hairdresser for the littles. Brought to you by the retail genius behind Bonpoint + Merci, inspiration can be found in every vignette. Don’t miss the vintage photo booth-the perfect souvenir! More inspiration + info after the jump…

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bon weekend



Hello friends! This is the result of playing with the new party party app…not much partying happening here, but the app is fun! That was my actual first attempt…hashtag silly selfie (for the record, I hardly ever do selfies). I’m busy working on a site update…I can’t reveal everything just yet but it’s something I’m pretty excited about! I’m hoping to share it very soon, fingers crossed. I must get away from my desk and spend some time outdoors this weekend…this polar vortex is my jam. Summer temps that feel more like spring? YES PLEASE. I shall leave you with some links for your weekend enjoyment…


letting go

midsummer playlist

brush up on your french

jaw-dropping before + afters




Well it’s official…my babies are two years old. Cue the mommy tears. Honestly, I’ve shed quite a few over the past few days. I know motherhood is bittersweet in general, but since we know we won’t be having any more children, there is an intense finality to everything for me. In my opinion, it seems to soften the blow when you put the baby stuff away thinking you will get it out again, or that you will have another one or two year old birthday party, etc.  As a woman, it seems we often associate our youth with fertility, and babies. Knowing I won’t ever be pregnant again makes me feel a bit older…and it really shouldn’t, because I’m young (34). It’s a societal pressure that I must get over. So, in addition to celebrating their birthday, I’m struggling to swallow a big, bittersweet pill. My apologies for the pity party…just keeping it real. I hope these cute photos of the kids make up for it! More cuteness (and a call to all mothers) after the jump…

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